Hair Extensions

Have you dreamed of having longer, more luxuriant hair?

Now you can have either, or both!

If you want hair which is longer, silkier and more luxuriant, hair extensions are a perfect solution. 

They’re also great for adding highlights or lowlights for a special occasion without damage to your natural hair — there’s no stripping of your existing colour required.

The extensions process attaches new hair strands to existing ones to increase the length and/or volume.

Have the hair you’ve always dreamed wanted!

There are lots of options for every hair type so please, talk with me first.  Unlike some city salons, my consultations are FREE.  

  • Micro ring
  • Weave
  • Tape
  • Clip-in
  • Microchet Hair Extension

I’ll gladly explain the process and how to get the best result for you.  And to keep your hair looking great, I’ll also advise you how to maintain the treatment we’ve selected for you.

Some options are cheaper than others.  I will advise which hair type will be best for you e.g. Russian, Indian or European and which bonding process will suit you best.

Some hair extensions are bonded to your hair with chemical glue.  These can be harmful or cause allergies with some people.  If you are susceptible to allergies of any type, please advise me.

When you look good, you feel good also — you have an air of confidence. 

With care and maintenance, your extended hair will give you a look and confidence we all want to have.

Call me for a FREE appointment to discuss.

Salvic Russian Hair – premium quality

There are lots of myths around ‘Russian’ hair.  Not all hair extensions from Russia are truly ‘Russian’. 

I sell only genuine Russian hair — the best available in New Zealand — which lasts as long as three years. ‘Whiterussian’ hair is sought after around the world, because of its, silky glossy qualities.  It has never been dyed or coloured, so it truly is ‘virgin’ hair.

Have you got a Special Occasion coming up?

Do you need a ‘new look’ for a night?

I have a wide range of clip-in hair extensions in a variety of natural colours that will blend, or contrast with your natural hair.

Because clip-in extensions require no special bonding treatment, you can experiment with various colours and styles yourself without the need for professional consultation. 

Remember though, clip-ins are a temporary solution only.  If you’re looking for something more permanent, call me for a consultation.

Some ‘Do’s’ and ‘Don’ts’

Because extensions adhere to your natural hair, special care is required to ensure they continue to look great and give that air of confidence.  


Use the shampoo I recommend for your hair extension.   To avoid tangling, squeeze the solution through the hair rather than rubbing it.  


It’s really important to use my conditioner every time you shampoo your hair.  Apply by squeezing the solution as above and rinse thoroughly.   


Hold the sections of hair at the nape of your neck to support the bond and always use an extension loop brush.  These brushes are flexible and reduce drag.  

Sleeping, swimming or exercising

Always plait your hair before sleeping or activity to avoid tangling.  


I recommend a maintenance appointment no longer than 6 weeks after extensions are done.  How much on-going maintenance is required will depend on how you able to care for your new hair extensions.

Call me for a FREE appointment to discuss.